50+Journalists, Politicians & Grifters who Peddled Russia Collusion Hoax

In 2016, corrupt Democrat partisans both in and out of government, along with their allies in the media, were desperate to stop the Trump juggernaut and used every tool at their disposal to do it. The effort started with opposition research funded by the DNC and Clinton Campaign.
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Cyber attack causes distribution delays at prominent US newspapers: report | TheHill

A cyberattack Saturday targeting a major newspaper publishing company reportedly affected distribution at prominent newspapers across the United States.
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Secret Experiment in Alabama Senate Race Imitated Russian Tactics – The New York Times

A project to help the Democratic contender, Doug Jones, in his closely contested race against Roy Moore used deception on Facebook and Twitter.
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This week’s worst human: Don Lemmon| mocking mental illness, racist hypocrite

Lemon and his band of halfwit commentators took to the air over at CNN this week to demolish another American’s right to freedom. Last week it was Alyssa Milano insisting that she knew who and what Kanye should stand for better than he did.

This week, here comes a gay, black CNN talking head, married to a white man, laughing at other racists identifying Kanye as “a negro who doesn’t read.”

Just a note: Kayne is an established fashion designer, music producer, musician, husband and father of three. The racists on the CNN panel have accomplished what???

If you are a me too, black lives matter or Colin Kapernak supporter, where is your outrage over this?

Known Resisters: Since when is Krassenstein a journalist? “Maryland Police Say They’re Ready to Investigate Kavanaugh Sexual Assault Case if a Report is Filed

Maryland Police Say They’re Ready to Investigate Kavanaugh Sexual Assault Case if a Report is Filed
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