Native American Fashion Spotlight

Native American fashion (also known as Indigenous American fashion) encompasses the design and creation of high-fashion clothing and fashion accessories by the Native peoples of the Americas. Indigenous designers frequently incorporate motifs and customary materials into their wearable artworks, providing a basis for creating items for the haute couture and international fashion markets. Their designs may result from techniques such as beadwork, quillwork, leather, and textile arts, such as weaving, twining, and tufting. In some cases, however, they choose not to include any materials associated with indigenous cultures.

One such designer – Orlando Dugi, a Santa Fe based designer that has taken his collections to New York Fashion Week and a Oklahoma Fashion Week and has expanded his showcase over the past several years to a Couture-Lovers dream. Find his designs at:

Twitter Spaces: Making Freedom of speech great again

With Elon Musk releasing old twitter files about the corruption and censorship efforts of US government, mainly the FBI – the world is getting a birds-eye view of the attack on the constitutional rights of American Citizens and the tamping down of First amendment rights.

People are searching for answers. People, who have been silenced and have grown weary of the gaslighting, the Covid war, abuse by the government and manipulation of humans by BIG tech, pharma, government, financial systems.

Any given day you can find a twitter space where so far, a free and civil environment for debate is being created and fostered. These spaces sometimes go for several hours and are bringing all types of people and their varied persuasions of professional expertise to a common debate. Most are sensibly credentialed and known on twitter for their opinions.

Sometimes these spaces draw ten thousand listeners within an hour. Some spaces contain only a few but they hang out and joke and laugh and debate the lighter issues of life.

One emerging host, Mario Newfal, who describes himself as a CEO and founder of three companies, entitled investment companies, and uses a cartoonish avatar in his profile. Newfal hosts spaces on numerous topics and can easily found on spaces.

Musk, himself has sat in on Newfal’s spaces in the past. Twitter, his expensive town square where rage and bots once ruled, has taken a turn toward becoming a more civil, inclusive hang out for civil discourse and public disclosure. If Musk can manage to keep the Biden Administration from coming after him (his words, not mine) perhaps he will change humanity for good.

Universal halts ads for Hilary Swank film that satirizes elites killing off red-state ‘deplorables’ – Washington Times

In light of the recent mass shootings, Universal Pictures is temporarily halting its advertising campaign for the “The Hunt,” a forthcoming Hilary Swank-starring thriller that pictures a group of wealthy elites hunting down red-state “deplorables” for fun.
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